The UUID for the profile “Management Profile” is not unique

Hello Readers! I know that I disappeared for a while but a lot has happened in my life, ANYWAY! I am back with a short but very useful post. We were trying to enroll a device with Company Portal and we were getting the error above. We have enrolled tons of devices so we were sure that this error was caused by something on the phone rather than the Intune configuration. Continue reading to see how we resolved it ….

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How to add system apps to Work Profiles in Intune

Hello Readers! ♥ Thank you for landing here, this week I ran into a case where the user needed to use the gallery and photo system apps on his Work Profile.

As may you know, when you enable the work profile you can install school or work apps if you go to the managed Google Play store, but what if you want to use the Gallery or Camera system apps that comes with your Samsung phone, for example? Please continue reading…

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Copy files to Windows 10 devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Hello Readers! I was working with a client last week who was looking to place some folders and files on a specific location (C drive) on their managed devices. The way we achieved it was, deploying a Win 32 package with the neccesary docs and a cmd file. Please keep reading and find out our results!♥

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“Assigned to external MDM” Apple token status in Intune

Have you ever configured an Apple VPP token in Intune that it is also active on another MDM?

If you have done so, you have probably run into this token status: “Assigned to external MDM”. This will not prevent you from syncing the apps you have purchased through Apple Volume Purchase Program, although it will not let you push Company Portal on your profile for supervised devices. Continue reading to see what I am talking about! ♥