How to connect Intune with your Managed Google play account

Hello Readers! In order to manage your Android devices on Intune, you must connect your tenant to your Managed Google Play account. On this post we will go over some simple steps that will help you to quickly configure it.

Check the steps below:

1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

2. Go to Devices > Android > Android enrollment > Managed Google Play as shown below.

3. Choose I agree to grant Microsoft permission

4. Click on Launch Google to connect now to open the Managed Google Play website.

On the sign in page, enter the Google account that will be associated with all Android Enterprise management tasks for this tenant.


This is the Google account that your company’s IT admins share to manage and publish apps in the Google Play console.

You can use an existing Google account or create a new one.

The account you choose must not be associated with a G-Suite domain.

5. Add your business name

6. Add the contact details if you have them handy or you can also add them in the Admin section later, accept the agreement and click Confirm.

7. Complete the Registration

8. Now you have succefully configured your managed Google play account on the Intune tenant!

Now its your turn to configure your Intune tenant so you can start managing Android devices, don’t forget to post your questions or comments! ♥


Connect your Intune account to your Managed Google Play account

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